Special Needs Plan Model of Care Training


Samaritan Health Plans offers a Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan (SNP) for the dual-eligible population residing in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties of Oregon.

Samaritan Health Plans ensures that all physicians and providers permitted to practice independently under state law are properly credentialed per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Oregon Medicaid program, and Samaritan Health Plan policies prior to providing health care services to our SNP members.

Samaritan Health Plans ensures that initial and annual trainings for in network and out-of-network providers who routinely see SNP members adhere to the CMS regulatory requirements. Our Special Needs Plan Model of Care (SNP-MOC) training content is developed by the Provider Relations Department in collaboration with the SNP-MOC Process Manager and approved by the Chief Medical Officer. Training materials are updated annually to ensure the content is current and covers the elements of care are being delivered according to the current SNP-MOC program.

Who Is Required to Complete This Training? 

Any provider, in and out of the Samaritan network, who provides routine and consistent care for SNP members, must take the SNP-MOC training annually. This will include all primary care providers and family practice providers that see SNP members, as well as any specialists that see SNP members as their primary care physician.

Access the training tab and then attest to completing the training through the form provided. Your training will not be documented as complete until your attestation is completed and submitted to us. 

Training Materials

Download Training  

This training focuses on understanding the key components of the Special Needs Plan Model of Care and the tools available to support the patient. Training content includes:

  • How the Model of Care helps providers.
  • Description of the SNP population.
  • Care coordination.
  • Provider network.
  • Quality measurement & performance improvement.

Special Needs Plan Model of Care Training (Updated 2/27/2024)

Attestation Form

Submit Your Attestation 

Attest to completing the SNP-MOC training by completing this form. Your training will not be documented as complete until you have submitted your attestation to us.

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