Navigate the Provider Directory

First Time Using the New Provider Directory? — We’re Here to Help!

We’ve put together the directions below to help you navigate our new provider directory. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service at 541-768-4550, or toll free at 800-832-4580 or send us an email.

Ready – Selecting Your Plan

When you arrive at the directory you will see our four plans in the top menu. The button for your plan will be be pre-selected for you. Searching within your plan is the important first step to find providers covered by your plan.

In this example, Samaritan Advantage is selected (indicated by the colorful button).

A picture showing the buttons to select one of four main health plans: Samaritan Advantage, IHN-CCO, Employer Group Plans, and Choice.

Set – Choose Your Filter Options

Next, the Provider Directory offers three main filters to help you narrow your search to find a doctor or other provider type within your network:

  • The first filter helps to define “What kind” of care you need. For example, are you looking for a primary care provider? Or do you need lab or imaging services, or a durable medical equipment (DMEs) supplier?
  • The second filter narrows your search to “Where” you would prefer to receive care. You may select your home town, or in the case of specialty care, you may need to choose a larger city nearby.
  • The third filter can tailor your search with even more specifics for “Who” you’d like to see. For example, you may search for a provider who can speak your language or select other filter options.

The three filters can be used together or you may find you only need to one filter to find a provider.

A picture showing the three types of filters in the provider directory.


A picture showing the clear and search now features in the health plans provider directory.

Any time you’re ready to run a search, you can click the “Search Now” button within the filters or use the green “Search Providers” button below the main filters. Or you can choose to clear your filters and start over. When your results display, you can also modify your search.

A picture showing the buttons to either clear your search and start over or a green button to run your search.

We hope these initial first steps will get you started. If you have further questions, please see additional questions and answers below, or call or email Customer Service at 541-768-4550, toll free at 800-832-4580.


What Is a Provider?

A “provider” can refer to a doctor, a facility providing services (such as a clinic, lab or hospital) or a supplier of medical products or equipment.

The first filter in the directory can help you find a provider type. By choosing one of the colorful buttons first, your options in the next field will be narrowed, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

In the first filter below, selecting the Primary Care button, narrows the options in the next field to four types of primary care providers.

A picture showing how to select your provider type in the provider search directory.

What Is a PCP?

A primary care provider (PCP) is your main health care provider in non-emergency situations. They can support much of your care and refer you to specialists as the need arises.

What Is a DME?

A durable medical equipment supplier (DME) can supply medical equipment meeting specific criteria to support your well-being. You can learn more about DME Coverage for Medicare patients by visiting

What Is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health addresses the “emotions and behaviors that affect your overall well-being.” Behavioral Health providers offer treatment for behavioral and emotional aspects of an individual’s health.

How Do I Find a Dentist? (IHN-CCO Members)

IHN-CCO members can now find in-network dentists by selecting the “Dentist” button to filter your search options. Search results can be further refined using the three “What,” “Where,” and “Who” search filters.

How Do I Find a Pharmacy? (IHN-CCO Members)

IHN-CCO members can find an in-network pharmacy by selecting the “Pharmacy” button to filter your search options. Search results can be further refined using the three “What,” “Where,” and “Who” search filters.


Find More Tips for Navigating the Directory

See a detailed User Guide for the Samaritan Health Plans Provider Directory.

How Often Is the Directory Updated?

Provider information contained in this online directory is updated at the close of each business day, excluding interruptions to system maintenance, upgrades, or unplanned outages.

What Does It Mean When a Provider or Location Offers Auxiliary Aids?

Auxiliary aids are tools used for communication to support individuals with sensory disabilities. Common examples of auxiliary aids include interpretive services, assistive listening devices, or videotext displays. Reach out to the practice for more information regarding availability of auxiliary aids.

What Does “Gold Tier” Mean? (Samaritan Advantage Members)

Samaritan Advantage Premier Plan and Samaritan Advantage Valor offer Gold Tier benefits for some services. See the benefits chart in Chapter 4 of your Evidence of Coverage for more information. All providers in the Samaritan Advantage directory not labeled as Gold Tier are Silver Tier providers. This does not apply to other Samaritan Advantage plans and does not apply to IHN, Employer Group, or Choice plans.


How Do I Know What Plan or Network I Belong To?

Your insurance ID card will tell you which plan you are apart of. The plan you are a part of is in the top right of the ID card for most members. Members with “EPO” or “PPO” in the title (other than Choice members) will find their providers by searching the Employer Group directory.

What If My Doctor Says They’re In-network, But I Can’t Find Them in the Directory?

If your provider says they are in our network, but you don’t see them in the directory, call our Customer Service team at 541-768-4550 or send us an email.

What If There Are No Search Results for the Provider Specialty I Selected?

If you selected a specific specialty and aren’t finding a provider with that specialty, try an alternative, related specialty. If you’ve tried that and still aren’t finding a provider, call our Customer Service team at 541-768-4550 or send us an email.

Where Can I Find Plan Information in My Native Language?

We are proud to offer our directory in five languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese. You can change the language of the directory by selecting your language choice from the drop-down menu near the top of the page:

Picture shows where to change the language and text size on the the Provider Directory.

You can also change the size of the text using the up and down arrows to the left of the language drop-down.

If your language is not represented here, please call our Customer Service team at 541-768-4550 or send us an email.

Visit the Find a Provider page to begin your search for a provider in your network.

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