Samaritan Health Plans Website Receives an Update

The Samaritan Health Plans website,, has been updated to improve navigation for website visitors.

Key Updates

  • Find a Provider and Find a Drug links are on every page in the top menu. Visitors can easily select a plan and access the appropriate provider or formulary directories for their plan.Find a Drug and Find a Provider links are found at the top of every page of the SHP website.
  • The main navigation has been simplified for our three primary audiences: plan members, those shopping for new plans and health care providers.The main navigation menu of the Samaritan Health Plan's website serves three main audiences: Members, Shoppers and Providers.
  • Colorful “Quick Link” icons on key pages help visitors find the most frequently accessed information quickly.The colorful quick links on key landing pages will take you to the most popular pages in that section of the website.
  • An updated documents search page makes plan documents and forms easily searchable for providers and our plan customers.

The Samaritan Health Plans website serves more than 18,000 health plan members, brokers and providers, and receives more than 310,000 page visits a year.

Previously, SHP had multiple websites hosted on different domains. After the update, all SHP websites have been consolidated under one site:  Hosting all lines of business on one website reduces navigation complexity, eliminates content repetition and improves site maintenance. Information for Oregon Health Plan members in Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties continues to be available at

The SHP website project update team included teams from our digital marketing department, our technical services and more than two dozen SHP team members who provided valuable input and review.

Samaritan Health Plans is passionate about transforming the Oregon health care delivery system by providing health insurance that works to improve the customer experience while lowering costs and improving the health and well-being of its members and communities.

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