Welcome Dental Providers & Partners

We appreciate you being a partner in building healthier communities.
We hope these resources are helpful.

Resources for IHN-CCO/Medicaid Providers

Visit the SHP Care Management page for links to the ADA’s Clinical Practice Guidelines and other resources.

Visit the OHA Health Evidence Review Commission for the Prioritized List of Health Services.

Please refer IHN-CCO members to Cascade West Ride Line, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 541-924-8738, toll free 866-724-2975 (TTY 711).

Review the Non-emergent Medical Transportation Program Guide for more information.

InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization partners with four dental plan partners. These dental plans are designated to build our dental network to service our membership directly.

If you are interested in becoming a network provider, please contact the dental plan for questions and partnerships.

Advantage Dental: 866-268-9631

Capitol Dental Care: 800-525-6800

ODS Community Dental: 800-342-0526

Willamette Dental Group: 855-433-6825

Resources for Medicare Providers

You can provide members with the Benefit Card Reimbursement Claim Form or direct them to visit samhealthplans.org/MemberForms.

You can provide members with the Medical/Dental Reimbursement Claim Form or direct them to visit samhealthplans.org/MemberForms.

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