Small Group Plans

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Plans for 1 to 50 Employees

Samaritan Health Plans offers small group plans for Oregon businesses with 1 to 50 employees. Our integrated health plans and wellness programs help hold the line on your insurance costs by engaging employees and their families in maintaining and improving their health.

Our plans include:

  • A local provider network.
  • Free preventive services.
  • Wellness services — includes a health assessment, biometric screening and online health courses (these services not available with Standard plans).

Small Group Plan Information

Some Services Require Authorization

Coverage of certain medical services and surgical procedures requires Samaritan Health Plans’ written authorization before the services are performed. Your provider can request prior authorization by phone, fax or mail. If for any reason your provider will not or does not request prior authorization for you, you must contact Samaritan Health Plans yourself. In some cases, additional information or a second opinion can be required before authorizing coverage.
Review the prior authorization list: 

Summary of Benefits & Coverage

See what each plan covers and what you pay for services. The deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums reflect costs for individuals using in-network providers. Costs will be higher when using out-of-network providers. Please refer to the plan documents for a full description of benefits.

Standard Plans

Tier 1 – 20% Coinsurance Plans

Tier 2 – 30% Coinsurance Plans

Tier 3 – 50% Coinsurance Plan

High Deductible Health Plans

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Our Benefits Do More With Health Care Dollars

  1. Encourage Employees to Get Care 
    Low deductibles and office visit copays ensure employees will not wait for a critical and expensive illness to visit the doctor.
  2. Ensure Chronic Conditions Are Treated 
    Zero-cost drug therapy provides employees the benefits they need to effectively manage their chronic conditions.
  3. Provide Peace of Mind When Needed
    With fixed limits on hospital costs, employees will have peace of mind when unexpected illnesses arise.

Discover the proven link between healthier employees and health care savings, and help hold the line on health plan costs. Get to know a health plan that works in partnership with you and/or your clients.

Create and maintain a culture of health and wellness that supports flexible, affordable and sustainable ways to prevent illness and improve well-being.

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