Why a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Four Great Reasons to Consider a Medicare Advantage Plan

You may be wondering whether a Medicare Advantage Plan makes sense for you. Or, you may be interested to see how it compares with Original Medicare alone. Here are four great reasons to consider Medicare Advantage for your coverage needs:

  1. Lower out-of-pocket costs: Medicare Advantage Plans are designed to protect you against the thousands of dollars in expenses that Medicare doesn’t cover. You get low, set co-pays for routine, specialty and emergency care. You may not have to worry about a deductible. You will have peace of mind that you won’t spend any more on medical expenses than your out-of-pocket maximum allows.
  2. More benefits: Get coverage for benefits that are simply not covered by Original Medicare. With Medicare Advantage Plans, you enjoy vision, chiropractic and acupuncture benefits. There is optional coverage for prescription drugs (Part D) as well as dental and hearing aid services.
  3. Better access to doctors: Medicare Advantage Plans give you the flexibility of choosing doctors who may not accept patients with Original Medicare only. Enjoy the flexibility of having access to all of the doctors, specialists and hospitals in your plan’s network.
  4. Less hassle when you need services: Medicare Advantage Plans take over your Medicare billing. The benefit is all of your bills will be paid under your Medicare Advantage Plan rather than through Medicare. Save yourself the hassle of working with more than one insurance company. You can keep your Medicare card at home and will only need to present your Medicare Advantage ID card when you need services.
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Page Updated 7-4-2023

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