Language Services

Schedule With Approved Interpreter Services Providers

Thank you for supporting your patients by providing interpreters who communicate in languages other than English. The InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization approved service providers are listed below. Please review each vendor to learn more about their services and access contact information.

  • Phone: 800-716-1777.
  • Fax: 503-954-1038.
  • Service area includes the following Oregon counties: Benton, Clatsop, Clackamas, Columbia, Jackson, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Tillamook and Washington.
  • Scheduled and on-demand video services for ASL and spoken languages. Over the phone interpretation for spoken languages.
  • Webpage:
  • Email: [email protected]

Linguava is an ISO 17100 certified, full-service language interpretation provider, with both staff and contracted interpreters. As a language service provider, they aim to improve the patient experience and the health outcomes of their clients.

Besides dedicated account managers, Linguava also offers custom billing and reporting, guaranteed connection times and complimentary training. Linguava is also contracted to bill most Oregon CCO’s directly, including IHN-CCO. A service agreement is needed to begin requesting interpretation assignments.

Their service area includes the following Oregon counties: Benton, Clatsop, Clackamas, Columbia, Jackson, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Tillamook, and Washington.

  • Phone: 503-213-3191.
  • Fax: 971-228-2164.
  • Services are offered for IHN-CCO members anywhere.
  • Interpreting modes: onsite, telephonic and video (scheduled or on-demand).
  • Webpage:
  • Email: [email protected].
  • All spoken languages.

OCIN is a company that is made up of experienced interpreters who are passionate about their work. They strive to provide their clients with the most qualified interpreters possible and are dedicated to enhancing the standard of interpretation by networking with more qualified and certified interpreters.

With a growing network of over 940 professional interpreters, OCIN is well-equipped to handle a wide range of interpretation needs. They specialize in the most common languages and can also locate interpreters for hard-to-find languages. Their team is dedicated to ensuring that your message is accurately and effectively conveyed, no matter what the situation.

  • Phone: 800-297-2707.
  • Fax: 503-297-1703.
  • Services are offered for IHN-CCO members anywhere.
  • Interpreting modes: onsite, telehealth and American Sign Language.
  • No access code is required for this service provider. The caller should state that they are calling on behalf of an IHN-CCO member, and provide the member’s name, date of birth and member ID.
  • Webpage:
  • Email: [email protected].

Passport To Languages Inc. was founded upon the belief that all patients should have equitable access to language assistance, integrated into the daily practice of clinicians statewide. They provide these services consistently along the continuum of care, are a woman-owned business and are a full-service language access company, with 36 consecutive years of operation. They are also a certified member of the Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business through the state of Oregon.

Passport to Languages is a complete language service company that offers interpreting in over 150 languages and dialects: on-site, through telephone, video and via the written word. Their aim is to act as a trusted extension of their client’s team and have the highest percentage of qualified/certified health care interpreters in the state. Telephonic support is available 24/7/365.

No access code is required for this vendor. The caller should state that they are calling on behalf of an IHN-CCO member, and provide the member’s name, date of birth and member ID. Please let Passport to Languages know if you would like to setup an account for ordering online.

  • Phone: 503-931-3465.
  • Fax: 866-866-2634.
  • Services are offered for IHN members anywhere.
  • Interpreting modes: sign language only — onsite (emergency and scheduled) and video (scheduled only).
  • Webpage:
  • Email: [email protected].

Tri-County Sign Language Interpreting serves the entire Pacific Northwest, Tri-County Sign Language Interpreting provides professional, qualified sign language interpreters for every type of setting. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Language Resources for IHN-CCO Providers

Schedule No-cost Interpreting Services
English Spanish
This two-sided document outlines our contracted interpreter vendors and offers tips on how to request their services, as well as provides suggestions on how to ensure a successful patient/member experience.

Comparing Interpreting Vendors Flyer
English Spanish
Use this helpful document to compare vendors and the services they offer.

Do You Need an Interpreter Flyer
11×17 poster
This flyer asks patients to point to their language, in more than a dozen languages. It lets patients know you will get an interpreter for them. It also lets them know they have a legal right to free interpretation services with their visits.

Language Access Materials and Printing Instructions
English Spanish
This flyer helps providers understand what interpreter services are available for members and it has printing instructions.

Wallet-sized “I speak” Cards
These OHA-provided cards can be printed and provided to patients, allowing them to easily request interpretation services. The cards are available in about 25 languages and include a version for those who are deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing.

Oregon Health Authority “I speak” Cards and Brochure

Interpreting FAQs for Providers
English Spanish
Download an FAQ with details on our interpreting services and tips for a successful session.

Federal & State Laws for Interpreter Services
English Spanish

Provider Portal

Webinar: This ~20 minute webinar will help providers navigate the different options for providing MLA data via the provider portal, EPIC report (if already established) or using a vendor. This webinar also provides information on the state and federal Health Care Interpreter service mandates for health care providers and CCOs, examines the CCO metric specifications, and provides an overview of the Interpreter Services page located in the provider portal as well as the data points that providers need to submit to IHN-CCO.

What to Know About Interpreting Services

All contracted IHN-CCO providers must make interpreting services available to IHN-CCO members. Services must be available during and after hours for consultation and provision of care. While interpreting services can be scheduled with short notice, to ensure coverage, please schedule as soon as a member makes an appointment.

Interpreting services should be performed by certified and qualified interpreters. The interpreters may be on-staff or scheduled through an IHN-CCO approved vendor. They may operate on-site, over the phone or via computer screen. Interpreting should not be provided by a member of the patient’s family. Members should never be asked to bring their own interpreter.

What patient encounters IHN-CCO covers for interpreting services:

• Onsite medical, dental or behavioral health appointments.
• Scheduling or rescheduling appointments.
• Appointment reminders.
• Appointment follow-ups.
• Relaying test results.
• Registration for procedures/admissions.

Use Only IHN-CCO Approved Vendors

IHN-CCO pays for interpreting services so that members can access their covered health care services and benefits. We have contractual arrangements with approved vendors. Please use them when serving IHN-CCO members. (Be sure to verify that your patient is covered by the Oregon Health Plan.)

If providers choose to coordinate interpreting services themselves rather than through IHN-CCO, they are responsible for paying for those services. IHN-CCO pays only for interpreting services that providers coordinate through our approved vendors.

As of January 2023, reimbursement for a health care interpreter for IHN-CCO (Medicaid) members is available when interpreter services are utilized during a covered service visit or medically necessary follow up visit (including telehealth visits). The fee cannot be billed in conjunction with bundled rate services that incorporate administrative costs (e.g., inpatient hospital stays, home health or hospice visits, services provided by long term care facilities or services billed at an encounter rate by rural health clinics, federally-qualified health centers and tribal health centers). Providers should bill interpreter services using code T1013. Claims must be submitted by the provider rendering the office visit as the interpreter is unable to enroll and bill as a Medicaid provider. Providers should bill both the office visit and the interpreter service on the same claim form. Reimbursement will be based on the terms of the provider’s contract with IHN‑CCO.

Keep documentation in the medical record that indicates use of certified or qualified HCIs for any potential audit of services billed (e.g., interpreter invoice). Interpreter services provided by the provider or his/her staff are not eligible for reimbursement but are necessary for reporting.

Providers who do not have interpreters on staff may arrange for services through one of the organizations listed under the “Scheduling with Approved Vendors” tab. These contracted HCI vendors bill Intercommunity Health Network directly; therefore, neither provider nor member should receive a bill for these services.

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